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How to transition from tracking macros to intuitive eating

THIS is how to ACTUALLY transition from tracking macros to intuitive eating. Yes, it’s possible, even if you’ve tracked macros for a long time. It might seem overwhelming, but my recent video explain exactly how to transition from tracking macros to intuitive eating. 


HINT: my Hormonal Health Meal Plan will also help get you started!! 

Tips for how to transition from tracking macros to intuitive eating

Here are the steps you need to take to move from tracking macros to intuitive eating: 

1. Take purposeful days off from tracking. ⁠

If you are tracking seven days a week, taking one day off per week, and not tracking anything can really help you begin to trust your body. ⁠

2. ONLY track protein and fiber ⁠

Track your daily protein and/or fiber intake and let carbs and fat fall where they may. ⁠

3. Focus on whole foods + portion size ⁠

Here is the hierarchy of importance: 1) whole foods <<not processed foods>> and 2) portion size. ⁠

4. Eat to 80% full⁠

Rate hunger on a scale of 1-10. Sloooowing down at meal time, listening to your body, and trusting your body is a nice way to practice intuitive eating without tracking macros. ⁠

If you want to take things to the next level and really work WITH your body, paying attention menstrual cycle and hormones and adjusting your nutrition can get you really amazing results. You see, our bodies need different types of foods and different amounts of foods depending where we are at during our cycle. Fascinating, right?

My Hormonal Health Meal Plan includes a bunch of whole food recipes ???? and even a grocery shopping list ✅! It will help you figure out what to eat in each phase of your cycle to really maximize your energy, your hormones, and your results.????⁠

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