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How to get abs in your 40s

Want to see abs in your 40s and wondering how to get abs in your 40s? Read on for some quick tips and what to focus your attention on! 


Here’s what’s most important if you’re wondering how to get abs in your 40s:

▶️Blood sugar balance

▶️Strength training

▶️Adequate amounts of testosterone

How to get abs in your 40s

????If you want abs, you need to balance your blood sugar. Some quick tips to optimize your blood sugar:

????Go for a walk – it helps burn sugar and calories, reduces stress⁠

????Consume carbs around workouts – workouts help burn excess calories or take you can advantage of continued calorie burn after a session⁠

????Eat carbs with protein and fat – they help you digest and use carbs more efficiently⁠

????Avoid high glycemic carbs – stick to fresh berries, leafy green veggies and minimally processed grains ⁠

????Reduce stress – high stress leads to high cortisol levels which makes balancing your blood sugar more difficult⁠

????Get a good night’s rest – inadequate rest raises cortisol levels and throws hormones out of balance making it harder to process sugar⁠ ⁠


????Less cardio, more strength training

Lots of cardio is STRESSFUL on the body, which obviously can mess with your blood sugar and cravings (see above), but, more importantly, this type of exercise is ‘catabolic,’ which means it can break down muscle, which is the exact opposite of what you want. Strength training is ‘anabolic,’ which means it builds and grows things like muscle! More muscle = better metabolism and oftentimes hormonal balance! ????????


????Increase testosterone

Adequate amounts of testosterone (and hormone balance, in general) can help build muscle. A multi-faceted approach is often needed to boost testosterone:

????nutritional support (i.e. zinc and boron – check out this Reel for what to eat)

????aromatase inhibitors (i.e. pomegranate)

????estrogen lowering supplements (i.e. DIM or calcium d- glucarate)

????adrenal support (i.e. vitamin c, adrenal cocktails, ashwagandha)


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