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McDonald’s Halloween Pails Nail Art

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All right everyone, be honest; did you go out and grab a Halloween pail from McDonald’s? I had these as a kid and actually, my mom still has one of mine haha. Had to ask her! She uses it to store craft stuff in it. So when I heard McDonald’s was releasing a new round of pails, I had to have them. Then I was like, let’s do some nail art.


This year’s pails don’t have lids and have three different faces on them. There’s a witch, a pumpkin, and a ghost version. I went the first day they were released and got a ghost. Then 6 days later, I found the witch. Hopefully I can find the pumpkin (update: my mom found me the pumpkin pail so now I have all three!). I haven’t really every ordered a Happy Meal before haha so that was funny. I also don’t eat meat, so I gave them to Mr. Ehmkay. He enjoyed the chicken nuggets, haha.


Instead of doing all creme polishes since the pails are a plain plastic, I amped it up with some flakes! The KBShimmers were actually Halloween releases, so how perfect is that? He Slimed Me was inspired by Ghostbusters and that is quintessential Halloween!

Here are the specific colors. I have to say, I originally was going to do all cremes and I’m glad I changed my mind last minute!

  • Orange: KBShimmer Hey There Pumpkin, 2 coats 
  • Green: KBShimmer He Slimed Me!, 3 coats
  • White: Stella Chroma Stuck-asaurus, 3 coats 
  • Black: Stella Chroma New Moon


Really, I just looked at the buckets and mimicked the faces. Does this manicure look super special in the context of what these pails are? Probably not. You probably thought it was just Halloween faces. But this is cute and makes me happy!



I feel bad because all three of these flake polishes were limited editions, but both brands have other gorgeous polishes in the same colors that you can grab!  But the McDonald’s pails are still out, did you grab any!?

KBShimmer SHOP, Facebook, Instagram
Stella Chroma: Shop, Facebook, Instagram


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