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ehmkay nails: Stella Chroma Snowed In

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Hello everyone! January is a slow month and also a catch-up month for me. I have a few Zoya collections to share that are just painfully late and some winter nail art I want to do. But first, I want to share a special polish from Stella Chroma. Unfortunately, this was a Facebook group custom that was available for an extremely limited time. By the time I got it, it was no longer available due to the unfortunate circumstances and Stella Chroma needing to take some well needed time off. I am one of Stella Chroma’s biggest fans (I labeled myself that lol) so I still wanted to share!


I do feel bad sharing this nail polish since it’s no longer available but I put it on to wear for myself and loved it so much that I really just felt like I had to share it. Plus Stella Chroma has so many gorgeous offerings so this can just remind you to head over to her shop and make a purchase. I added some suggestions at the end of this post. I took pictures of this polish on DAY 5–not a single chip!!!

Snowed In: 2 coats plus top coat. This was an exclusive for the All the Polishes Facebook Group. This is a white-based polish (my fav!) with turquoise and green flakes and iridescent glitters and shimmers. What can I say? I love it! I love the complexity of the glitters, shimmer, and sparkle, yet you can still very clearly see the white base. Pam sent me this because she knows how much I love a white polish! And I love this one, so thank you!

It’s been super doom and gloom with the weather lately. Absolutely no sun at all! Well it came out and I ran outside to take some pics. It is difficult to see the iridescent but in person, it is just gorgeous. I love how this is a soft color yet so sparkly and fun. And despite all the sparkles, this was very easy to remove once I finally took it off a week later!

Like I mentioned above, this polish is not available, but I suggest Funhouse, Brave, Brave Man, Fair Weather Cumulus, Herr
Drosselmeier,  or Demo Derby? All of this are soft colored polishes with gorgeous flakes and shimmer!


Stella Chroma: Shop, Facebook, Instagram

Products in the post were provided for honest review.

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