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ehmkay nails: 13 Days of Halloween: Candy Corn Halloween Plaid

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 I feel like candy corn colors are winning me over this season and I just keep doing Halloween arts in this color way. But come on, it’s just so iconic! I loved my autumn plaid nails and wanted to do more plaid for Halloween.

So I have been totally loving plaid nail arts lately, and I wanted to do one with candy corn colors over a black. Did I get excited and maybe do way too many lines so the black base is a bit obscured? Maybe. Do I still love this and get lots of comments? Yes!

Below are the colors that I used for this look. I just wanted the plaid to be creams well the base had some shimmer and flakes. Of course I did so many lines so you could barely see the base color. My bad! 

  • Black base: Stella Chroma Axe Fight
  • Yellow: Jessica Cosmetics Yellow
  • Orange: Jessica Cosmetics Sahara Sun
  • White: KBShimmer White Here White Now


I love the sparkle of Axe Fight, my base. I feel like I use it every October and actually, my bottle is like 2/3 empty. It’s the perfect black sparkle for me. If you don’t have it, you need it.

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