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Bring New Life to Your Mani this Season with MiniLuxe’s Fall ‘22 Collection – Nail Design

Nailcare brand MiniLuxe is launching their new Fall ‘22 Collection.

Inspired by transitional colors reminiscent of autumn, this new collection is a nostalgic nod to happier and simpler times, emphasizing the growth and shifts that come with the season. Different from traditional fall shades, MiniLuxe’s new offerings lean into the recent return to ‘90s and ‘00s trends, while simultaneously bringing in pops of bright color.

Composed of a true mix of classics, new neutrals, moody tones and grounded shades to complement the full range of trends this season, there is something for everyone in this new collection.

“This fall, it’s all about the modern French using a colored tip with a natural base,” says MiniLuxe Service Director Donna Charloff. “Bittersweet, Midnight or Steel would be great for this look. It’s an easy entry into these darker, moodier colors without the commitment of putting them on the entire nail. We also love a gradient look using Tapioca, Latte, & Bittersweet, allowing you to have fun with more than one color, but still keep things light with this negative space concept.”

Check out the beautiful fall colors below.

Miniluxe's Fall '22 Collection 

Miniluxe’s Fall ’22 Collection

From top-left to bottom-right:

  • Tapioca – A full coverage, almond-white shade perfect for a perfectly chic + clean look.
  • Latte – A rich, sandy beige that serves as a trustworthy complement to any outfit this season.
  • Clay – A softened, earthy orange-brown tone that is gorgeous alone or as a neutral french tip. 
  • Desert Rose – This subdued, elegant rose shade has a light shimmer finish that’s nearly undetectable on the nail, and was chosen by the brand to round out the fall collection with a classic pink hue.
  • Number 1 – A fan favorite from the MiniLuxe archives, this deep, rich red gives a passionate and energizing pop to your fall wardrobe. 
  • Steel – This mid toned gray is a cool, easy-to-wear shade that adds a slight edge; perfect for a solid nail coverage or as an added design element, such as stripes/tips. 
  • Midnight – This deep, dark blue is a calming yet rich shade reminiscent of the night sky. 
  • Bittersweet – Much needed in a true fall collection, this vibrant shade of rich dark chocolate is perfectly on-trend for the season and beyond. 

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