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What Makeup Are You Wearing Today?

Today’s makeup!

PROOF OF LIFE! Yes, I’m still alive. LOL! And I’m still around. I’ve been just taking time to process my new world order… On that note, if you know of anyone hiring a beauty copywriter, please send them my way.

OK, so makeup. I’m wearing lots of Chanel today, with a touch of NARS and Laura Mercier. I’ll list mine below if you list yours in the comments. ????

  • BASE: Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua in 50 Beige (foundation), Hourglass Retouching Fluid in Sand (under-eye concealer) set with MAC MSF in Medium Golden (powder)
  • CHEEKS: MAC MSF in Give Me Sun (bronzer) and NARS Luster (blush)
  • EYES: Chanel Les Beiges Eyeshadow Palette (lids), NARS Fez (crease), Chanel Hyperblack Cream Eyeliner (lash line), YSL Faux Cils (mascara)
  • LIPS: Laura Mercier Jeanne (lipstick)

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. A few things I’ve had on my mind lately…

1. Taylor Swift’s “Midnights”

Anyone else listening to this on repeat? My favorite song is “Anti-hero.”

2. Officially a morning person

Ya know, I don’t know when it happened, but I’ve become a morning person. I realized it yesterday when I let myself sleep until 7 on a weekday for the first time in a long time; I felt like I lost an entire morning! Not waking up at 5:30 feels weird to me now, and when I don’t have that early block of time, the rest of my day feels off.

3. Repeating numbers

Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of repeating numbers. I’ll glance at the clock or my phone and see 11:11, 1:11, 2:22 and 5:55 especially. I don’t know a lot about numerology and am not sure if I believe in it, but I certainly believe in heeding signs from the universe, and this feels like a big, flashing sign. What do you think? Am I reading too much into it? Anywho, I did some googling on repeating numbers and enjoyed this article quite a bit.

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