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Top 3 Favorite Holiday Films

I feel like I should have at least one Hallmark movie on this list, or maybe even a classic like It’s a Wonderful Life, but you know what? These are the three holiday movies I can watch over and over and over again, and I unapologetically love all of them.

1. The Sound of Music

At the top of the list is Sound of Music. I try to watch this one every year, but I don’t always get to because it’s so long — almost three hours (!) — but when I was a kid, every Christmas it was a staple holiday movie in our house. I realize that it’s not a traditional Christmas flick, but for me, because we always watched it over the holidays, it will always be the ultimate holiday movie. I love the music, love the scenery, love the acting and everything about it, and my dream is to someday go and visit all of the places where the movie was filmed. I especially want to go to the gazebo where Liesal jumps from bench to bench so I can leap across the benches, too (Side note: Here’s a story with a whole lot of fun facts about that scene).

2. Love Actually

Just watched this the other day for the umpteenth time, and it always amuses me to no end how the video camera guy is Sheriff Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead. This movie has everything! It’s got the multiple story lines, the music, the cheese, the happy moments, the tender moments, the laugh-out-loud moments… I might watch it one more time before Christmas, ha ha ha! Oh, and if you watch it, stick around for the credits because there’s a Kelly Clarkson song at the end called The Trouble With Love Is where she sounds exactly like a young Mariah.

3. Elf

Um…you know you’ve been writing about beauty for a while when you first type “elf” as “e.l.f.” (as in the beauty brand, ha!).

Man, Will Ferrell just cracks me up. I can’t even look at his face without laughing! This Christmas movie always puts me in a good mood, and I love how sweet and innocent it is.

How about you? What are your favorite holiday flicks?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. OK, OK, you know I couldn’t stop at just three. I can’t NOT have Little Women with Winona Ryder and Christian Bale on this list!

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