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Saturday Surfing, January 7, 2023!

Happy Caturday!

Happy Saturday, friend! Here’s a bright lip for an overcast day. It’s MAC Billion Dollar Smile lipstick, and it also happens to be the shade Coywolf is wearing in her dance team pictures this year.

This bright pink is so fun. I wore it the other day with a yellow raincoat, and the pink lip with the yellow coat was *chef’s kiss.* Note to self: remember this combo!

This weekend is a dance weekend for our family, and we’ll be shuttling back and forth between two rehearsals today and two performances tomorrow.

I know this stage in life will go by quickly, and I’m loving little things like getting her to rehearsal on time, and making sure her clip-on earrings and hair bow are just right. ????

How are you doing? What are your plans for this beautiful Saturday?

This week’s reading

  • Here are 9 gel eyeliners beloved by makeup artists, and side note, I spy my favorite Chanel potted liner on this list!
  • There’s a new brand to look forward to at Sephora — Ami Colé.
  • Cloud skin is a thing.
  • … And so is underpainting, which apparently, is an old school technique used by oil painters.
  • Lancôme launched a motorized makeup tool to assist makeup lovers with limited mobility.
  • Mark your calendar for these awesome 50% off skin care deals during the Love Your Skin Event at Ulta.
  • Are you over applying your skin care?
  • 10 best lavender perfumes to chill you the eff out.
  • 12 scents that take you around the world.
  • The power of mood-enhancing scents.

Talk to me, Dr. Alexis!

Mood music.

One of my favorites.


I’m ready for all the good stuff the universe is sending all of us.

I hope things are great on your end of the keyboard and that you’re having a lovely weekend so far.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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