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Saturday Surfing, December 3, 2022!

My weekend reading — the last print issue of “Allure.”

Happy Saturday, my friend. How’s your weekend going so far?

I got my last print issue of “Allure” in the mail earlier this week, and I’m a little bummed about it. I know they’ll still be online, but there’s something about waking up on a Saturday morning and drinking a cup of coffee while flipping through the pages of a magazine, ya know? Side note: What’s going on with Jennifer Aniston’s bra? I mean, it’s Chanel and all, but still. LOL!

Anyway, it’s a rainy day here in the Bay Area, and my day so far has been spent running errands in the drizzle. In a little bit, I’ll be taking Connor to a dance performance with her dance team. Yup, it’s official… I’m a dance mom now!

What are you up to?

This week’s reading

Talk to me, doc.

Where to save and where to splurge.

Note to self.

How to find your undertone.

This looks good!

I hope everything is well in your neck of the woods. Talk to you soon, OK?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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