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Checking In: Jane Iredale Makeup, Kamik Rain Boots, and Missing the Hustle and Bustle

Hey friend! How’s it going on this third day of the year? It’s quiet in my house, and I don’t know how I feel about it!

We’ve had so many people go in and out our doors over the past two weeks, and with my sidekick at home, it was loud and boisterous and just so lovely. Now I miss it, but I’m also kind of relieved, which is weird, I know.

Maybe I’m still recovering from the trauma known as 2020, but socializing these days, while I enjoy it, takes a lot out of me.

I’m naturally a social person, but hosting, cooking and cleaning is draining, RIGHT? Why are there so many dishes? And why does vacuuming never cease? LOL!

And yet… I still love the hustle and bustle of having friends and family over. It just reminds me that life keeps going.

Anyway, the only sound I hear now is Rosie chomping on her kibble and the refrigerator humming. I’m a little lonely, not gonna lie.

Yesterday I wanted to be productive and planned to stow the Christmas decorations, but instead we spent it painting Connor’s new rain boots with these awesome Posca paint pens.

Connor did most of the designs, but I chipped in a little bit here and there with some hearts and stars.

These rain boots, by the way, are from a new-to-me Canadian brand called Kamik, and they were so good at keeping Connor’s feet dry that I want a pair for myself.

Before we decorated them yesterday, we took the boots out for some puddle stomping at a hike we like to do in our town that leads you up to a waterfall, and even after crossing multiple creeks, Connor’s socks stayed absolutely dry.

My socks got wet, though!

Am I the only person who just cannot deal with wet socks? They’re my pet peeve. Anyway, I’m on a mission to find a pair for myself!

I’m also on a mission to put on eyeshadow that is not NARS Fez or Kalahari (my go-to shades for, oh, the last six months or so). This morning I dug into a drawer and unearthed some beauties from Jane Iredale!

jane iredale november 2021

If today’s FOTD turns out OK, I’ll let ya know.

How are you doing today? What’s new on your end?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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