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Sixty-two percent of Black Women are unpartnered


Sixty-two percent of Black Women are unpartnered !!! ( Via a recent NewsOne report)

My take on why …

  1. Assertive women are less desirable ( generally speaking ) in a patriarchal society. Assertiveness is usually confused with aggression, especially if you are a black woman. Every Black woman I know is assertive.
  2. Women are penalized for waiting to get married. We get labeled as “old.” Men can stay and use the concept they were building their career and get the labels of secure, distinguished, and established. Women don’t get that luxury.
  3. This was the case for me… my mom taught me how to be self-sufficient and independent. The conversations in my house were centered around college and career… not marriage. I was raised to compete not be domestic. I find that men value domestication over education which is in direct conflict with what I value.

Why do you think such a high percentage of Black women are unpartnered? We want to know what you think!

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