Virgo Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF January 16 – 2 2, 2023

If you’ve been flying under the radar, Wednesday, January 18 is like a cosmic coming out party for Virgos. Your ruler, effusive Mercury, pivots out of a retrograde that began three weeks ago. Hello, realignment! Until February 11, the messenger planet is speeding full steam ahead through Capricorn and your flamboyant, romantic fifth house. Talk about the perfect V-Day runway! Get rolling on any emotional repair work before St. Valentine flies into town. Or start circulating again and see who pops up on your radar. Before you send another sultry Snapchat or pose for a staged selfie, think about the image you’re sending out to the world. Like a high-powered publicist and creative coach rolled into one, Mercury can help you fine tune your “brand” over the coming few weeks. How can you be aspirational AND approachable at once? With the voguish fifth house charged up, take some risks—whether your lewk is vintage Halston or the latest drop from a Tokyo-based designer’s indie label.

Your annual goals get both a boost and an audit this Friday, January 20, as the vitality-boosting Sun swings into Aquarius and charges up your sixth house of healthy routines for a month. But that’s not all. On Saturday, the year’s only new moon in Aquarius sends another sensible beam straight into that same sixth house. Are there certain benchmarks you’d like to achieve in 2023, Virgo? What could you accomplish over the next six months, leading up to the August 1 full moon in Aquarius? And how about in the next two weeks, prior to the coming full moon? The trick here is to map out concrete action steps. That way, you can tick them off one by one and avoid (for the most part) feeling utterly overwhelmed.

Also, Virgo, do you have people who can hold you accountable? Team-spirited Aquarius reminds us that there is strength (and support!) in numbers. Join a business mastermind group. Gather your squad of workout buddies or sign up for a 10-week fitness challenge at a gym or studio where the trainers will call you out for sleeping through class. Experiment with organic vegetarian and low-carb twists on some of your favorite recipes, which have the bonus of being eco-friendly. If anyone could make a cauliflower crust pizza taste delicious, it’s you! This Sun and new moon duo could usher in too-good-to-pass-up work opportunities, but along with those may come the addition of stress. That’s all the more reason to prioritize fitness and fuel up on clean, green fare!


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You may, er, hop right into a new routine this Sunday when the Year of the Water Rabbit kicks off. But if you want it to stick, lean into the bunny’s desire for creativity and spirituality. Set up a workout area with colorful lights and mirrors (and maybe a ballet barre). Look for dance-based workouts or mix in yoga with mantras and meditation. Approach every area of your life with this Zen mindset and look for any opportunity you can find to collaborate.

Also on Sunday, liberated Uranus wakes up from its annual retrograde. And after snoozing in your ninth house of global adventures since August 24, you may have a raging case of cabin fever. But this planet rules your higher “metaphysical” mind, so here’s some unexpected news. Reaching across oceans doesn’t actually require you to leave your hometown now. What you need to feel is CONNECTION, which, Virgo, comes with a caveat: Instead of being the teacher, role model or sacred guide, how about letting your hair down and keeping it realer than you ever have before?

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