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Nesting instincts aside, forget about staying in hygge mode until the groundhog raises its head. On Monday, January 2, your galactic guardian, eleganza Venus, sashays into your fifth house of romance, celebration and all things glam. Alternate the Netflix binges and vegan potlucks with nights at the theater and dress-up dinner dates. Whether you’ve got a date on your arm or are simply circulating to check out “people with potential,” make it your mission to enjoy every moment. What the future will bring is what the future will bring. Fixating on THAT will actually disrupt your ability to truly connect. We’re not saying you should ignore glaring red flags or obvious incompatibilities. But could you enjoy that superhot someone for a season instead of a lifetime? That’s a question worth pondering.

With Venus strutting through your glamorous fifth house until January 26, you might devote the next few weeks to unapologetic pampering: bodywork, spa days, and maybe an upgrade to your beauty products. While you’re certainly entitled to your moods (and contrary to popular belief, Libras aren’t upbeat 24/7), taking stellar care of yourself always restores your sunny outlook. Good thing no one has to tell your aesthetically oriented sign that when you look good, you feel good. And your shiny energy draws people to you like moths to a flame.

Friday’s luminous Cancer full moon in your tenth house of professional ambition and success redirects your thoughts toward your career. Plans have been forming for the past six months may finally materialize into a reality! All those long hours and sacrifices and industry events are about to pay off during the two-week “harvest time” that follows this full moon. But if anything has shifted, it’s time to tweak the idea and set some shiny new objectives—and create a road map for getting there.


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Something to reflect on this week is how you can work smarter, not harder. Come up with a game plan that offers a high return on investment—less time involved for higher rewards, including financial compensation. Serendipity could lead you to an amazing new gig, client, mentor or situation. If you’re seeking guidance in the career-advancement department, these lunar beams could light your way to a powerful coach or mentor. And because the moon is forming a dynamic opposition to Mercury retrograde, scrolling through past contacts could turn up an important name from your professional past. Is there unfulfilled potential to explore here? Rather than thinking of it as starting over from scratch, see it as getting a second chance to make things perfect!

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