Cancer Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF January 16 – 2 2, 2023

You love them, you love them not… A positive shift for relationships arrives on Wednesday, January 18 when Mercury snaps out of a three-week retrograde and picks up steam in your seventh house of partnership. From nasty lovers’ quarrels to sneaky fine print in a business contract to an unsettling ping from an ex, Cancers have been feeling the slings of this retrograde for sure. As the tide turns on Wednesday, you’ll start regaining clarity about how to handle these disruptions. Some Crabs could just wipe the slate clean, walking away from people who have ceased to light your fire. As for the ones you love madly and deeply? Start negotiating more satisfying terms of engagement. Profitable business partnerships could emerge in the days ahead, but remember this: Giving an inch doesn’t mean permitting other people to take a mile. If you aren’t great at advocating for yourself, bring in outside support—couples’ therapists, lawyers, mediators and so on. But first, get clear on the ideal outcome that you’d like to create. No people-pleasing allowed!

Your heat index continues rising on Friday, Cancer, frosty outdoor temps be damned! The Sun throws a log on your blazing pyre of passion this January 20 as it enters Aquarius and activates your erotica arena until February 18. This four-week cycle gives relationships both a seductive and super serious feel. On Saturday, January 21, the new moon in Aquarius follows in the Sun’s footsteps, sending another spicy charge to your eighth house of binding ventures. Budding relationships might suddenly get fast-tracked into deeper commitment over the coming month. Attached Crabs may start talking about big next steps, like planning a wedding, a commitment ceremony or getting in the family way.

At times you may be pulled between extremes, craving closeness one minute and wanting to run for the nearest exit the next. No, Cancer, the Sun’s annual tour of this extreme and intimate sector isn’t the most lighthearted time. But lucky for Crabs living in the northern hemisphere, this happens during peak hibernation season, when burrowing (among other activities) under the covers is what everyone’s in the mood for. Some days you might want no other company but your journal, a thick novel and your Russian Blue. Honor that! During this deep-feeling cycle, you’ll do profound creative work; it’s almost as if you’re channeling it. (And you probably are, as Cancerian author Elizabeth Gilbert asserts in her book Big Magic.)


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Sunday is the lunar New Year as the gentle, emo Water Rabbit takes over from the predatory Tiger. The next twelve months are much more your speed, Cancer. Family (baby bunnies!), creative exploration and creating personal safety are on deck. Your emotional intelligence will be in demand. Those sensitive feelings, they are your gift. Channel them into art, romance and your own spiritual development.

Revive the spirit of innovation within your crew starting Sunday, too. Community organizer Uranus snaps out of a retrograde that began on August 24. Now, with the side-spinning planet powering through your teamwork and tech zone for seven months, you could find yourself in the role of the pioneer among your peeps. While you’re a master at sourcing ideas and information, you’re not always the first one to dive in and give it a test run. But starting this week, you might feel ready to push past the limits of what’s “possible” to discover new terrain.

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