All About Demi Lovato’s New Boyfriend Jutes

Demi Lovato has been posting for a while about her boyfriend Jutes, born Jordan Lutes, after People confirmed their new relationship in early August. A source at the time said, “It’s a really happy and healthy relationship. He’s a super great guy.”

Here’s everything we know about the happy couple.

Who is Demi Lovato’s boyfriend Jutes?

The musician hails from from Ottawa, Canada, and he told Nuance Magazine that he studied film before he discovered songwriting while living in Toronto. He signed to Capitol Records before leaving the label two years later to “pursue his own independent artist goals.”

“I left because due to Covid mad budgets got cut, and I guess they didn’t want to hold me and not give me the support I needed, which is so blessed of them to do,” he said. “You hear about labels shelving people or holding them without pushing them so often, and I can’t say how grateful I am that isn’t me… I had been wishing I could be indie again for a while just because I love being totally in charge of my own career, so it worked out quite nicely.”

Both Lovato and Jutes are on sobriety journeys, and he has been quite open about it on social media. In July, he celebrated 100 days sober on Twitter.

“Learning to cope with my anxiety properly was something i was always too scared to try,” he wrote. “Took a long time to be ready but i’ve never felt better mentally and emotionally. if ur dealing with s— rn that feels never ending just know nothing lasts forever.”

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A source also told People, “They joke, laugh, talk about their mutual personal problems, and what they overcame as young people in the music business,” the insider said. “He is in awe of her talent and very supportive.”

The couple posts about one another on Instagram a lot.

For Demi’s 30th birthday, he shared a collection of pictures with the pop star.

“Happy birthday baby. ur a 30 year old minx and i’m the luckiest schmuck in the world cuz i get to call u mine,” Jutes captioned the post. “Making u laugh has become my new obsession bc ur smile literally cures my depression (there’s a song lyric in there somewhere)… I’m so proud of u for not only surviving everything you’ve been through but coming out on top and becoming ur healthiest happiest sweetest self.”


He’s also shared many pics of PDA and clips of Lovato singing.

Jutes co-wrote some of Demi Lovato’s music.

On Lovato’s new album Holy Fvck, Jutes is credited as co-writer on tracks “Substance,’ “Happy Ending,” and “City of Angels.”

“One of my fav songs i’ve ever worked on,” he wrote in an Instagram post about their collaboration. “When i got asked to pull up and write for this session i remember thinking wtf am i supposed to do in a demi lovato session? only to show up and realize she was making one of the hardest rock projects i’ve ever heard…obviously a crazy milestone for me but beyond that i feel so blessed to be a part of something i’m such a big fan of.”

Lovato and Jutes spend the holidays together.

On Halloween, they shared their couple’s costume as a zombie bride and groom, and went together to a haunted house in New Orleans.

And they celebrated Christmas Eve at Disneyland, sharing a kiss in front of the Sleeping Beauty Castle which was decorated for the holiday.

“Merry Xmas everyone,” Lovato captioned the sweet pics.

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