34 Best Celebrity Alcohol Brands to Gift in 2022

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You and I both know the reality: there are a lot of business ventures tied to celebrity names. From gummy vitamins and candles to novelty McDonald’s meals, it can sometimes feel like these are, dare I say it, cash grabs. ELLE even has column dedicated to testing celebrity beauty brands.

But when it comes to wine and spirits, it’s hard to know what all is out there, let alone which concoctions are actually worth a shot (pun intended). If there’s one thing to be said about celebrities, it’s that they know how to party. Even if you’re not of the star-loving persuasion, there’s something enticing about nursing the same rye as a famous Hollywood actor. From gin to cognac, and even some non-alcoholic mixers, there’s something tasty for every palette.

I’ve scoured the depths of the internet to bring you a definitive guide to every celebrity-affiliated libation out there, with just one notable exception that begets a brief but enchanting story of its own. In 2006, American treasure Danny DeVito made an appearance on The View after spending a debaucherous night out with George Clooney. So the story goes, DeVito was still verifiably inebriated during the talk show appearance, attributing his state to some seven limoncellos. In the best publicity move of all time, DeVito then launched his own brand of the the Italian citrus liqueur. Sadly, it has since been discontinued and is nearly impossible to find, rendering us unable to include it in the list below. If you find a bottle of collecting dust somewhere, please send it with haste to the ELLE offices (for research purposes, of course).

Let us keep in mind the curious case of Danny DeVito’s now-collectible limoncello as we explore the more readily available A-list beverages for purchase. If you’re lucky, your bottle might even be worth something if it goes out of production.

Here, find a complete guide to sipping like the stars.

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