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Your Guide to Avril Lavigne's 25+ Tattoos and Their Meanings

  • Avril Lavigne has more than 25 known tattoos so far.
  • The designs vary in size and placement, and includes everything from star tattoos to an expansive half-sleeve.
  • Lavigne has gotten matching ink with her friends, partners, and collaborators.

While fashion and beauty trends have been seeing a massive Y2K comeback this year, the rock-pop genre reminiscent of the early aughts also made a big return to the mainstream music scene. And when it comes to the metallic, grunge vibes, who can forget Avril Lavigne’s unrivaled contribution to the nostalgia-inducing pop-punk hits of the 2000s? The singer-songwriter first burst onto the music scene two decades ago with her her 2002 record “Let Go,” which spawned multiple “Sk8er Boi” style moments and smudged, “Tumblr” makeup trends worldwide as a result. However, Lavigne isn’t just known for creating angsty, unforgettable hits; she also has upward of 25 tattoos scattered across her body that fit in perfectly with her overall punk-pop aesthetic.

The singer got her first tattoo in 2004 and has since accumulated quite the collection over the years, including an impressive half-sleeve. While Lavigne sometimes got impulsive designs on a whim, she also has a handful of tattoos that are meaningful to her. From numerals and text pieces to star designs and a beautiful French quotation – Lavigne’s tattoos are just as cool as her sense of style. But among the exceptional collection is a trio inked in three different places that scream her love for her favorite curse word: “F*ck.” “It’s my favorite word,” she told Inked Magazine, adding, “Why the f*ck not?”

Scroll through the gallery ahead as we break down all of Lavigne’s known tattoos over the years, along with the inspiration behind the designs.

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