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Göt2b Glued For Brows & Edges Gel Review With Photos

  • “Laminated brows” have held strong as a popular 2022 beauty trend.
  • Göt2b released a brows-and-edges gel to make getting the effect easier and more convenient.
  • One editor tested the product and loved the results.

Over the years, my brow routine went from taking upward of 10 minutes to less than one. Now you may be wondering, “But how?” The answer is brow gel.

I absolutely fell victim to the overly drawn-on block brow during the mid-2000s, and as a result, I would slot in an extra 10 to 15 minutes just for that portion of my makeup routine. Postcollege, when I needed to pare it back in order to make it to work on time, I knew I had to find a suitable replacement. After years of using the same brown brow gel, the feathered-brow trend made its rounds, and I tried virtually any and every product that claimed it would give me the laminated effect on my brows.

One of my favorites ended up being the Göt2b Glued Styling Spiking Glue. Now, the brand has come out with a Brows & Edges 2 in 1 Wand Gel ($19) that claims to keep your brows in place for 72 hours, so, of course, I had to try it for myself. The packaging was simple enough: a durable plastic tube that you can unscrew to reveal the spoolie applicator. The actual product didn’t seem as thick as the normal gel, but the only way to truly find out was to apply it.

Right off the bat, I noticed just how easy this version of the gel was to control. One of the drawbacks of getting product from the original tube is that it’s technically meant to be squeezed out of the packaging, so I would find myself getting globs onto my spoolie and then subsequently on my brows because I wasn’t paying attention, or I’d have to wipe off my brush and start all over again. This tube is easy to use, dispenses the perfect amount of product onto the wand, and can be applied in a hurry when your Uber is downstairs and your friends are yelling at you to hurry up.

When I applied the gel to my brows, I noticed zero white spots and that it fully dried down in about one minute. Because it also claims to be perfect for edges, I decided to try it on my hair, too. I applied it right on my hairline, as I typically prefer to wear my hair slicked back rather than styling down any baby hairs. At first, the spoolie glided through my hair, but toward the end, it started getting caught on the brush, making it look a bit frizzy.

In all, this gel is a solid addition to my makeup bag. It’s the easiest way to get the brow look that I want, and the packaging’s ease of control means it fits squarely into my very busy lifestyle that often finds me rushing out the door. However, I personally wouldn’t recommend it for use on type-four hair, as the spoolie is a bit too small to really comb through your edges like a normal brush would.

At $19, you realistically could continue to use a spoolie with the normal Göt2b styling gel and get similar results. That said, this brows-and-edges glue won me over due to the sheer convenience factor. No more running around looking for a separate spoolie every time I want to do my brows, and no more having to fit a ginormous tube of product into a separate bag for trips. This gel is compact and convenient, and it delivers results: my preferred personal mantra when it comes to my makeup products.


Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Ariel Baker

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