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Chloe Bailey Wears Bangs For Her Lola Bunny Costume

Don’t call her doll! Chlöe went all out this Halloween and did it like a real team player in her Lola Bunny outfit, complete with blond side-swept bangs unlike anything we’ve seen on her before. Although Chlöe is known for experimenting with her hair, including a braided ponytail at the Billboard Music Awards and butt-length blond locs, it seems as though Halloween has encouraged her to step even further out of her comfort zone. Although the bangs are presumably clip-ins, Chlöe flawlessly pulled off her re-creation of Lola’s “Space Jam” outfit in its entirety, from her cropped “bunny squad” jersey to her sultry makeup.

To finish off the look, which Chlöe shared in closer detail via Twitter on Halloween, she drew on a red rabbit nose, rounded dark brown eyeshadow, and dramatic winged eyeliner. She also added a glossy lip with brown liner and shining heart earrings as finishing touches, tying back the rest of her locs in a high ponytail with a matching blue scrunchie. In some of the initial pictures Chlöe posted on social media, her bangs (and even her usual locs) looked closer to platinum blond — similar to the color of Lola’s in the Looney Tunes universe. However, in natural lighting, they appeared to be a bright caramel color, perfectly complementing Chlöe’s bronzed makeup. While the bangs may be a thing of the past by tomorrow, at the very least, this look serves as a reminder that she can rock just about any hairstyle. And who knows? Maybe this could mark the return of side bangs for real.

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